A 3D render of The Great Horse of Yarl. A 3D papercraft digital artwork showing a knight astride a horse, surrounded by stars and columns and waterfalls and clouds, all of which are created in a papercraft style, though the artwork is digital and not handmade.


Founded in 2002 by Marcus Kenyon and Jonny Ford, Finger Industries is a creative, hard-working animation & illustration studio with a history of producing great characters and original ideas. 

We’ve come a long way since our inception 19 years ago and our crack team of extraordinarily talented individuals now works for clients in 4 continents, across multiple industries, all from our lovely studio in Sheffield, England. 

We are a service provider, a creative partner and an independent studio. 

Check out our current studio openings if you'd like to work with us ...

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Current vacancies!

Head of Production

Job Description and how to apply here.

Lead 3D Animator

Job Description and how to apply here.

Our services.

Concept Development

Considering the entire concept, the world and the characters within it, be it IP or campaign led; we can work with you to get the most 'character and story' out of your concept

Design & Pre-Production

The first steps in style setting and animation design; everything from movement, flow, cameras, lighting, cinematography -designing all the nuances and subtleties as part of the pre-production stage. As design develops, so too does the edit - storyboards, animatics, VO, music and SFX - we do them all.


For print, digital or OOH campaigns; we can do character based pieces to live action compositing and everything in between. If you can think it up, we can make it. Head over to our Advertising and Comms page to see what we've created or get in touch to find out more.

Character Design

An iterative process that's all about working with you, from initial style setting through to beautifully posed, expressive characters. Be it part of a wider production process or a stand alone deliverable, coming up with new characters is one of our favourite bits to do!


Video Production; from building scenes and characters to animating and any live action shoot (or both!). Did you know we use our custom built rigs to execute those lovely idiosyncrasies and characterisations?

Post Production

Compositing, grading and VFX, get in touch if you'd like to see what our post production team can do. A service in its own right; not just part of our animation process!

We're always looking to connect with new freelancers!

Storyboard Artist
3D Generalist
2D Animator
Post Production After Effects
3D Animator

If you think you'd be a good fit for our team send your CV and a link to your portfolio/reel to [email protected]

Please include your availability and daily rate.

Our Team


Marcus Kenyon

Managing Director and Technical Lead


Jonny Ford

Creative Director and Illustrator


Carrie O'Lone

Global Sales and Marketing Manager


Meg Johnson

Head of Production


Chris Walker

Lead 3D Artist & Head of 3D


Evie Garner

Marketing Coordinator


David Wolstenholme

3D Artist & Generalist

Sal pink

Sally Bramall

Finance Manager

Abby 3x

Abby Charlesworth

Studio and HR Manager


Nikki Harrison

Production Assistant

Multi-disciplinary video production

Be it 2D, 3D, photo-realistic, live-action, VFX or VR Production. It might be character-led, it might not. We're pretty versatile when it comes to what we can create so if you'd like to know more, please do get in touch.

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