Bean and Grypp 2d artwork
World of Rock Original Series Concept
Visible Human Healthcare Tech Demo
Render of the Eat Me transformation from the Sugary Death Machine.
Sugary Death Machine Eat Me
Still from the animation The boy I used to know
The boy I used to know. Schizophrenia
render of ROAR character from Dinosaur ROAR
Dinosaur ROAR Nurture Rights
3D characters composited into a giant pepper
Saison Kuche CG build & compositing
A frame from Peter's Diary, an animation from the Arthritis Patient Diaries series. Peter looks out of a classroom window at University, to see a group of students sitting on the grass.
Arthritis Patient Diaries European Congress for Rheumatology
Illustration of 3d Robot composited into a photograph of a flyover at night.
Night Flyover Studio Showcase