Close up of OG
The OG Studio Showcase
Render of The Ground Crew
The Ground Crew Studio showcase
Preview image of The Valley VR experience, showing a mysterious landscape in a Valley that appears other worldly
The Valley Virtual Reality Demo
2D Artwork of The Cookpot Gang racing off on their next adventure
The Cookpot Gang Original Series Concept
Bean and Grypp 2d artwork
World of Rock Original Series Concept
Photograph of Budgie adorning a CG dinosaur skeleton
Dino Bird Photography Collaboration
Illustration of 3d Robot composited into a photograph of a flyover at night.
Night Flyover Studio Showcase
A frame from Peter's Diary, an animation from the Arthritis Patient Diaries series. Peter looks out of a classroom window at University, to see a group of students sitting on the grass.
Arthritis Patient Diaries European Congress for Rheumatology
3D characters composited into a giant pepper
Saison Kuche CG build & compositing
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