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Founded in 2002 by Marcus Kenyon and Jonny Ford, Finger Industries is a creative, hard-working animation & illustration studio with a history of producing great characters and original ideas. 

We’ve come a long way since then, and now our crack team of extraordinarily talented individuals works for clients in 4 continents, across multiple industries, all from our lovely little studio in Sheffield, England. 

We thrive on collaboration with our clients, adapting our approach and workflow to the needs of each project, in light of our client’s needs and project constraints. We’re proud of what we’ve built here but that's just the beginning! Our core values focus on research and development, ensuring our studio is progressive both creatively and technologically and on our production process; working with you every step of the way, to whatever level of guidance you need in order to ensure the end results hit more than just the mark.

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Our Services

Character Design

An iterative process from initial style setting through to beautifully posed, expressive final artwork. Be it part of a wider production process or a stand alone deliverable, coming up with new characters is one of our favourite bits to do!

Animation Design

Concept development and style setting, everything from movement, expression, cameras, lighting, cinematography -designing all the nuances and subtleties as part of the pre-production stage.

Animation Production

Executing the design; from building scenes and characters in 3d to animatics with which we time out the action, before we do the full animation bit! Using our custom rigs to execute those idiosyncrasies and characterisations.

Animation Post Production

Where we ensure all those nuances from animation design and production flow through with final tweaks on camera movements, compositing, effects and lighting.

CG Illustration

Be it for billboards, in store or digital; character based pieces to live action compositing and everything in between. If you can think it up, we can build it in CG.

Series Concept Development

Collaborating not just on the visuals but considering the entire concept, the world, taking the make believe into the believable.

Marcus 2x

Marcus Kenyon

Managing Director and Post Production

Jonny 2x

Jonny Ford

Creative Director and Illustrator

Carrie 2x

Carrie Fletcher

Sales and Marketing Manager

Rachael 2x

Rachael Exton

Production Manager and Senior Management

Abby 2x

Abby Charlesworth

Production Assistant

Arthur 2x

Arthur Tubb

Senior Artist and Senior Management

Ben 2x

Ben Simpkins

Lead Animator

Lewis 2x

Lewis Grey

2D Animation and Post Production

Chris 2x

Chris Walker

Lead 3d Artist

Nick 2x

Nick Tietzsch-Tyler

3d modeller

Sally 2x

Sally Bramall

Finance Coordinator

Lauren 2x

Lauren Auty

Concept Artist

Join the team.

We’re always on the look out for talented artists that are interested in working with us.

We’re based in Sheffield and are just a short walk from Sheffield station. We’ve produced award winning work and we are growing. We have 12 permanent members of staff and our studio can comfortably house around 15 team members at full capacity. 

Our culture is friendly and open with casual dress and brews a plenty. We’re committed to producing high quality work and working to deliverables, we all enjoy coming to work and we want to keep it that way!

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We are currently looking for...

Freelance 3D animator

• Must be able to work in house from our Sheffield studio • Proficient in 3DS Max is a must • Strong character animator who understands weight, timing, facial work and poses. 

A team player who has commercial experience or the ability to apply themselves to a team production process • Has the experience and capability to emulate the quality and standard of our studio, as reflected on our website.

If you are a freelancer working in any of the following areas we’d be keen to hear from you, even if we don’t have a specific need right now

Storyboard Artist
3D Generalist
2D Animator
Post Production After Effects
3D Animator
3DS Max Modeller